Airbrush Temporary Tattoos
Airbrush Temporary Tattoos

Airbrushed tattoos and face painting are here to stay and talk about fun! They are absolutely the ultimate in crowd pleasers and marketing tools when we set up at your promotion, party, event or project. We draw in crowds where there were no crowds before, airbrushing our 200+ custom tattoo designs on your guests, models or staff. We can custom-create stencils for your company logo, too, branding everyone who crosses our path. We can create that unique or specialized tattoo for stage or film consistently for every scene, take or performance, making sure your continuity stays intact.
Airbrush face painting and temporary tattoos have proven themselves to be a fabulous twist in advertising, marketing and entertainment- not to mention being a favorite for crowds of all ages and sizes. We can promise they will boost your business, event, promotion or party with originality and style! We can also attest to their quality for all types of film and stage.

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