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Welcome to our World of art and illusion!
Colleen May Guerrilla FX was born of on-the-fly, on-set applications and real-world experience and application.
Ever wonder about our crew? (We know we do sometimes!!) It obviously takes a very special group of people to effectively produce the type of services we offer.
Here, we take an indepth look at our very diverse (and diversely talented!). They are an awesome group of people, like you've never met before and will not be likely to meet anywhere else.
Every time we work a project (no matter how difficult, bizarre or impromptu), it always turns out to be a stunning production. This type of success is completely due to the teamwork and integrity of our crew. Ask any one of us, or anyone with whom we've worked; They will tell you how tight our team is and what a positive difference that makes in the quality of our productions and projects. With that in mind, we thought it would be cool to tell you a little bit about these people who work, play and live so well together.
And now... a look at our wonderfully bizarre company & crew...



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