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They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and in our case, that's right on the nose! Early on, my dad introduced me to the wonderful world of commercial haunted houses. He was a Jaycee and they held their annual fund-raising haunted house during the Halloween season. I started doing effects makeup at 10 years old and found a real passion with creating awesome gruesomeness. Then at 16 year old, my mother bought an old single-action Paasche airbrush with her tax return. I don't think she ever used it, but I picked it up and airbrushed everything I could get my hands on! During my 20's, I raised four boys and did odd art jobs by airbrushing t-shirts, murals, jackets, gas tanks and window art. During that time, I was approached by a local events coordinator to do some face painting for parties and events, which I did. I found out very quickly that face painting at picnics in sweltering July weather with hand brushes made for long lines, whining kids and crabby parents. Yetch! So I cut a few stencils, dusted off my airbrush and turned the hand-brushed face painting into airbrushed tattoos. The crowds were entertained, amused, pleased with their tattoos and the lines went so much more quickly. It wasn't long until I was using airbrush to apply makeup for fashion models, bodypaint for huge National and corporate promotions and applying special effects makeup for 4 of the biggest haunted houses in the world.
I opened The Airbrush Shoppe, Etc. in 1997 to accomodate the growing interest in airbrush skin art. Me and my crew travelled all over the Country airbrushing for parties, promotions and events. We were the premiere face painters at Arrowhead Stadium for Chiefs Fans, and every fall for many years, our staff of 7 spent the better part of 3 months putting almost 300 people a night into airbrush and special effects makeup for those huge haunted houses- in 3 hours or less!
After the death of my mother in 2003, life took me in a different direction. I suddenly found myself dealving deeper into the world of film and video. My first film was an award-winning feature called "Fight Night" where I was hired about half way through production. The industry fit me like a glove and I was thrilled when the jobs started rolling in.
In the winter of 2009, I worked on a gruelling horror film called "Fetch". I was hired on as makeup and hair, but soon found myself working many of the effects and effects makeup... and doing them on the fly... sometimes literally pulling them out of thin air, on set, with NO time and NO budget. It was during a day on that set while pulling off an unexpected effect, in the middle of a field, buried in 2 feet of snow, 16 below temps, when my brother looked at me and said "Now these are some serious guerrilla tactics effects!" Hence, the name Guerrilla FX was born.
No, I never had any formal training, except for the few months I spent in beauty school. Yes, I was a beauty school drop-out. All of my skills come from hands-on experience, common sense, hard work, in-depth research and raw talent. I have personally selected and trained every one of my staff members with the same dedication and diversity.
Today, my amazing and talented crew can address all of your effects and makeup production needs. We got your airbrush, we got your makeup & hair, we got your special effects makeup, and we got your stellar on-site etiquette. We can create your monsters and horror effects from sketch to sculpture to screen. We can wrangle crowds like you've never seen and we can sling an airbrush like few others. Sigh. I love my job!

~Colleen May


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